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Gas Drilling Accidents: Pipeline Explosions

How do pipeline explosions occur?

Pipelines are a critical part of the oil and gas industry, and are utilized as a means to continuously transport oil and natural gas, generally across great distances. The federal government has imposed many regulations to maintain a certain level of safety regarding pipelines, but energy companies do not always keep up with their obligations. As a result, many pipelines across the United States suffer from old or eroding components and leaks which can suddenly, quickly cause a devastating pipeline explosion. Anyone within the blast radius of one such pipeline explosion would most certainly suffer from extensive burn injuries, head or brain injuries, paralysis, lost limbs and more. Death is also a very common consequence in pipeline explosions that were caused by some form of negligence.

Beyond personal injury, pipeline explosions are also a nightmare scenario for landowners in terms of property damage, or residents of regions where this type of accident takes place. Natural gas, oil and chemical spills are common in the event of a pipeline explosion, and can do extensive damage to property. Moreover, groundwater contamination is a very real possibility and should be investigated as quickly as possible so as to prevent any residents nearby from sickness. A skilled West Virginia gas drilling accident attorney with actionable experience in pipeline explosions can be a very valuable resource against powerful energy companies who regularly employ teams of lawyers to work toward their interests.

Common Effects of Pipeline Explosions

The Fitzsimmons Firm has a highly-decorated history of helping clients achieve substantial court verdict and settlement victories against individuals and corporations alike who are deemed responsible for causing injury in oil and gas field accidents. The firm prides itself on aggressively approaching cases, especially those against large companies with teams of lawyers. Since 1978, the Fitzsimmons Firm has provided the type of expert-level representation that not only assigns responsibility of the accident, but also that assertively seeks the type of financial compensation that brings peace-of-mind to injury victims who would otherwise see their lives in ruins.

Contact a West Virginia gas drilling accident attorneyif you have suffered an injury from a pipeline explosion and would like to explore your options for financial compensation.

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